In Matrice we want your business to integrate the best solutions and / or technological management tools quickly and efficiently.

That is why we develop a line of products using our knowledge and experience to create software that suits your needs. Our systems are developed with the latest technology which can be used by multiple devices such as: notebooks, tablets, cell phones.


Dashboard is a management tool and a way to measure the strategic performance which allows you to control whether the operational activities are aligned to the objectives of vision and strategy of the organization, monitoring the parameters to be kept under control.

The tool centralizes data from various sources allowing you to check information at any time, helping the analysis of the outlook to make better decisions.

Through an innovative design, this platform will provide an excellent user navigation experience. Through different sections you can:

  • Analyze results in real time
  • Identify factors that affect the organization
  • Perform a quick analysis of the overall state of the organization
  • Get information for decision making

Get the right information to make decisions for your organization.

Management is a web application designed to visualize the main themes of the management of an organization in a single space, integrating the main activities of different areas that compose it.

Through an innovative design, this platform will improve the browsing experience of the user through various sections and tools that will carry out a circuit for both internal and external administrative processing of applications.

The Management application allows you to:

  • Structure the flow of reception, derivation and application tracking
  • Manage Applicants
  • Perform split applications with multiple threads
  • Monitor and Roadmap each request and referral
  • Schedule Alerts
  • Store information associated with each request
  • Restrict the display of applications for a user group
  • Perform a fast analysis of applications flow
  • Have an agenda of contacts, which is organized at different levels of visibility
  • Monitor topics of interest in various social networks and online newspapers

Also it helps to consolidate information on an interactive map with information on different layers, such as:

  • Countries
  • Provinces
  • Districts
  • Political Layers
  • Works
  • Routes
  • Climate
  • Electoral Sections

Dashboard: it allows you to monitor various indicators related to the management of the organism, including the existing information in the modules of application management.

The module of contacts allows you to manage the contacts of the organization. Each item has different levels of access: a phone number, an address, and email address, as well as the whole contact information.

Centralize the main issues of your organization management.

Building is a web application designed for the control of Real Estate with all the features inherent to this purpose.

Through an innovative design, the platform improves the browsing experience of the user via various sections and tools allowing you to organize information and to control the client buildings efficiently and simple.

In this application, all the information is organized so that the user experience is intuitive and interactive.

Building application, from its most basic version, allows you to:

  • Perform comprehensive management of properties and assests
  • Provide an overview of facilities and infrastructure
  • Ensure that services expenditure correspond exactly to the space
  • Develop strategies for the use of space
  • Develop strategies to reduce spendings on public services
  • Monitor assignments, status, and location of assets
  • Implement a system which allows an easy incorporation of multiple geographic locations
  • Manage employee information, knowing the location and allocation of assests
  • Set alerts of expiration dates, limits of space, assets to renew, etc.

Administer your property efficiently and manage its infrastructure and facilities properly.

Fleet is a web application designed to control vehicular fleet, with all the inherent characteristics for this purpose.

Through an innovative design, this platform will provide an excellent user navigation experience via various sections and tools that allow you to organize information and to control the vehicular fleet in a simple and efficient way.

The Fleet application, from its most basic version, allows you to:

  • Control and manage vehicles efficiently
  • Develop effective strategies for the use of vehicles, fleet renewal, reducing costs
  • Encourage responsibility of drivers
  • Create accurate and consistent reports promptly
  • Provide an overview of your fleet
  • Implement a secure system to access the information that each user needs.

Manage your vehicle fleet properly. You can increase operational efficiency and carry out your activities accurately.

Our tool improves the traditional survey, giving customers the benefits that the use of Web technology provides. By using the advantages of the Internet, you can access the information faster than traditional methods, evaluating the responses received online or by monitoring the fieldwork in real time.

Survey assists in increasing the competitive advantages of the business, identifying levels of satisfaction, preferences and behaviors, thus providing a complete view of customer profile, market and/or employees.

The system combines extensive functionality with an easy usage, allowing data collection, information processing, obtaining online reports, export information for further analysis in statistical tools and the generation of supported databases with other systems.

Survey is used for data collection, advanced technology, allowing it to be performed via the Web, via mailing, terminals at strategic points and any type of mobile devices.

Some of the advantages of our system are:

  • Intuitive interface to create professional surveys.
  • Templates of questionnaires to be used as basis.
  • 26 types of questions.
  • It allows you to mark required questions, order, randomness, sections, pages and interactivity with skipping and filters logic, hide and show.
  • It allows you to customize the appearance of your surveys, including logo, colors and fonts.
  • It allows you to generate your own templates.
  • Send email surveys.
  • Statistical analysis in real time.
  • Multiple reports with filters that allow you to segment and evaluate results.

Create surveys quickly and easily and get information in the appropriate way.

Tracking is a ticket monitoring system that manages and maintains incidents, as required by an organization. Our system prevents order (ticket) to be forgotten allowing you to prioritize the most relevant ones. It can be used in customer service or even for incidents reported by employees of the organization.

By using this tracking system, you can:

  • Identify tickets unambiguously
  • Define types of ticket
  • Define workflows according to the type of ticket
  • Define fields to be completed depending on the type of ticket
  • Set ticket priorities
  • Get statistical information by resolutions, types, timing, involved personnel, etc.
  • Review processes and identify bottlenecks in the organization
  • See records of incidents

Follow up cases, requests or issues with a tool that allows an efficient response by creating tickets that fit the proce...
CMS (Web)
CMS (Web)

CMS is a system that allows the creation and management of web content. With our CMS this task is done intuitively without hiring specialized staff.

The system consists of a management pack that allows you to manipulate the content of the website. It can include text, images, tables, and any standard web content. It manages content and design independently, so that it is possible to manage the content at any time and give the website a different design without having to change format. It also allows publishing users an easy and controlled posting, including moderation option that allows these contents not to be visible to the public until they are approved by the moderator.

Some of the benefits our CMS provides:

  • Accessibility: Web accessibility means that people with disabilities will be able to use the Web.
  • SEO: optimization to be located by searching tools such as Google.
  • Dynamic user management and permissions, the cooperation of multiple users in the same work, the interaction through communication tools.
  • The costs of information management are lower as a link in the publishing chain is eliminated.
  • Having all the vital data (content) in a structured database on the server, allows the site update, backup, and restructuring to be much simpler.

Create and manage the web page of your organization dynamically by manipulating the contents as you would see it on your...

Audit is a web application designed to carry out inspections of any kind, in order to ensure the detection of problems in any program, workplace, working area, building, etc.

Through an innovative design, this platform will improve the browsing experience of the user via various sections and tools that will carry out the monitoring of an inspection plan.

In the application, all the information is organized so that the user experience will be intuitive and interactive.

Audit allows you to:

  • Systematize the planning process of inspections
  • Store information related to inspections, including images, documents, etc.
  • Generate dynamic forms according to your needs
  • Perform Inspections Monitoring
  • Receive alerts of interest, both in progress as non-compliance milestones
  • Generate effective reports to review the results of an inspection

Ensure that all actions and resulting elements of an inspection or audit have been carried out effectively.

WORKFLOW is a web application created to coordinate tasks within an organization.

The tasks may be diverse, from the coordination of internal acquisition to customer management process.

In the application, all the information is organized to maximize user experience intuitivity and interactivity.

The workflow system allows you to:

  • Create task types
  • Design workflows or steps for each tasks
  • Indicate the profiles involved at each step of the task
  • Indicate the documentation needed to complete each step of the task
  • Define alerts for tasks
  • Create tasks
  • Keep track of tasks
  • View the history of changes and statistics
  • View recent activities and assignments

Get the necessary software to coordinate the tasks of your organization.

Construction is a system developed for integrated management of works.

Through innovative design, this platform will provide an excellent user navigation experience, through different sections and tools that will organize information and to control the works simply and efficiently.

In the application, all the information is organized so that the user experience is intuitive and interactive.

The Construction application from its basic version allows:

  • Systematization of the planning process and monitoring Works (Complete, expansion or maintenance)
  • Regularization and updating procedures works
  • Modernization in administration
  • Tracking works clearances
  • Controls vs. Budget Executed
  • Consistency in information
  • Comprehensive Systematic control inspections of works
  • Schedule alerts
  • Implements a secure system to access the information that each user needs

Centralize requirements and organizing information related to the general administration of works and Inspections of the...



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