Cultural Change

The most pressing imperative for businesses today is the quest for growth with the challenge being, the talent and leadership needed, to secure and sustain it. Equally important, it is the entire organization acting in harmony to execute strategies for winning results.

Two requirements are necessary for building a high performance organization—a clear vision-guided culture, and a strong business strategy that aligns with the vision.

High performance cultures share six characteristics. They are highly adaptable, vision-guided, and values-driven; they care about all their stakeholders; they are resilient, and they have low levels of cultural entropy. One without the other leads to mediocre performance, therefore Culture alignment is the winning edge competitive advantage.

With a combination of individual and organizational components, our Organizational Effectiveness Practice will help you transform your organization by enabling you to engage people, ignite potential, overcome inertia, generate motion, and actually activate your organization’s strategy.

In Matrice Consulting our professionals are Certified in Cultural Transformation Tools ® by Barrett Values Centre.


Organizational Effectiveness Practice

  • Organizational Culture Diagnoses & Design
  • Organizational Development and Succession Planning
  • Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Approach
  • Human Resources Interim Management
  • Coaching
  • Human Resourses Mentoring
  • Heroical Leadership – Heroical Leadership Train The Trainer
  • Change Management – Change Agent
  • Strategic Management Cycle: Discover – Build – Measure
  • Emotional Intelligence – The Five Components Of Emotional Theory
  • Generational Diversity


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